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Standard Terms & Conditions

It is a requirement of the Estate Agents Act 1979 that you understand and accept our terms and conditions when instructing HouseCloud (PropertyBoroughbridge Ltd) as agents for the sale of your property. Please read the terms set out below and confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions and as confirmation that we have interpreted your instructions by signing at the bottom of the end page as stated or by ticking the electronic box within your online account.


Terms of this agreement

1. Definitions

Within this agreement the following words of phrases shall, unless the context otherwise requires, have the following meanings:

Property” The property address for which you have instructed us to sell as stated at the end of this agreement under the term “Selling address”

Commission” The amount payable to HouseCloud in respect of our fees due from the introduction of a buyer who legally completes on the purchase of your property

Sale Price” The price agreed with your buyer for the sale of the property

Buyer” The person buying your property

Seller or Vendor” The owner of the property or the person given the benefit to or who is entitled to sell the property

You” The owner of the property or the person given the benefit to or who is entitled to sell the property

Exchange date” The date of which contracts of the sale of the property are legally exchanged and are legally binding

Energy Performance certificate” (EPC) There is a legal requirement to have the EPC in place within 28 days of the property coming to market. Housecloud will arrange for a home inspector to visit your property to complete the EPC, take professional photographs and draw an accurate floorplan on receipt of the marketing fee.

Completion Date” The date agreed by both buyer and seller that is the completion of the sale/purchase

HouseCloud or We” means Property Boroughbridge Ltd, a company registered in England, company registration number ******** and with a registered office address: Richmond House, Horsefair, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire YO51 9AA.

On the market” This means that your property is being listed on the HouseCloud Network website and/or our partner sites and that we undertake to assist you in finding a purchaser who is ready, willing and able to proceed.

2. Fees paid and commission payable to HouseCloud (Property Boroughbridge Ltd)

2.1 In the event of a buyer being introduced to you by us during the period of contract stated and subsequently entering into a binding contract to purchase the property, HouseCloud shall be entitled to a commission of £200 vat regardless of the final agreed sale price which shall be payable within 10 working days of the completion date. You should make your legal representative of the sale aware of this commission due at the point of the sale being agreed and your legal representative being instructed by you. If this fee is not paid within 10 days of completion then by signing this agreement you give authority for HouseCloud Ltd to charge this commission to the debit or credit card that you used when you first paid for your chosen option including a 2% surcharge for credit card payment.

2.2 In instructing HouseCloud, you have paid an initial fee of £250 vat. This is the marketing fee which includes a visit by our home inspector to commission the EPC, take professional photographs and draw an accurate floorplan of your property. If you change your mind and cancel this visit 48 hours before the visit is due to take place then the marketing fee will be refunded in full. If you cancel the visit less than 48 hours before the visit is due, then we reserve the right to retain part or all of the marketing fee.

3. Your listing with HouseCloud and partner portals.

3.1 HouseCloud guarantees that your property is listed on the HouseCloud website which is Third party website portals are subject to change, and are outside the control of HouseCloud. We cannot guarantee continued presence on these websites, although we endeavour to maintain and improve our presence on property portal networks at all times.

All listing are dependent on the timings as set out in 3.2 and 3.3 below.

3.2 As a new client of HouseCloud you automatically receive a full 6 months listing period on our website and all partner websites (subject to point 3.1 above). We would hope that a sale would be agreed on your property within the first 6 months; if this is not the case, then you will be given the opportunity to purchase another 6 months of marketing for a fee of £99 VAT. If you do not wish to carry on marketing then your property listing will expire and your agreement with HouseCloud will come to an end. If you wish to suspend marketing for any period of time, your listing will be suspended and the balance of the 6 month period will be resumed when you wish your property to be remarketed again.

3.3 After the initial 6 months marketing period, you can elect to either renew your listing for a £99 vat renewal fee, or refresh your listing with new photographs, for £175 VAT.


4. Property Misdescriptions Act 1991

4.1 To ensure compliance with the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 and to ensure that neither HouseCloud nor the seller becomes involved in any legal action, we reserve the right not to publish any information provided by the seller.

4.2 The seller shall indemnify HouseCloud, its proprietors, directors, employees or agents against any claim made in respect of the Property or any Misdescriptions herein that arises wholly or partially out of the act or default of the seller.

5.Offers received for your property and sales notification

5.1 HouseCloud confirms that (unless instructed to the contrary in writing by you, the seller) it will forward to you promptly and accurately in writing, including email correspondence, all offers from prospective purchasers.

5.2 HouseCloud will prepare and send out sales memoranda, letters or emails on your behalf and on behalf of the prospective purchaser(s) of your property, to both sets of solicitors involved and you and your prospective purchaser. This will be sent via email if an email address is supplied.

6. Your obligations as the seller(s). The seller(s) hereby warrants and covenants that he/she/they have the necessary authority, power and capacity to enter into this agreement; and are the beneficial owner(s) of the property; or have the authority from the beneficial owner to sell the property on the above terms.


7. For Sale Boards

7.1 HouseCloud suggests that you erect a “For Sale” board at the property for sale. If you require a board, one will be supplied to you at a cost of £50 vat per board. In order to meet the requirements of The Town & County Planning Regulations, (which permit the display of only one “For Sale” board), we request that whilst a HouseCloud board is displayed, no other boards are erected. HouseCloud provide you with the board facia itself, which you are free to erect wherever you think is most appropriate.

7.2 Once the board has been delivered it becomes your property, and as such it is your responsibility to take it down once you sell your property. HouseCloud is not liable for any loss or damage to your board.

8. Unoccupied property

HouseCloud cannot accept responsibility for the maintenance or repair of any unoccupied property for sale.

9. Property Particulars for marketing

HouseCloud will prepare a set of property particulars on your behalf, but is not responsible for any of the information that it provides to buyers and sellers. All information on our website and all information provided to buyers and sellers directly cannot be guaranteed by us and do not form part of any contract. You must approve your property details before marketing of the property can commence, this can be confirmed in writing, by email, or by logging on to your secure members area within our website using your username and password, which will be available to you when you have instructed us.


12. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC’s) and Money Laundering

12.1 EPC’s. An EPC must be commissioned and be available no later than 28 days after your property comes to the market. HouseCloud will market your home as soon as the home inspector has visited your property.

12.2 Money Laundering – Under current Money Laundering Regulations, we must carry out identity checks on both buyers and sellers of the properties that we deal with. Checks are completed using an electronic system and may require us to ask you for additional information such as your passport number or driving licence number. Additional information may be asked for if required








on and behalf of HouseCloud

Property Boroughbridge Ltd.

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Welcome to HouseCloud



HouseCloud is a professional online estate agency designed for you, and run by experienced estate industry professionals. Take our experience and knowledge, tailor it to your specific needs and sell your home online, without the high costs associated with a high street agent.

We provide all the standard services you would expect from an estate agency but we use the power and reach of the internet, which is revolutionising the way we all do business, to market and sell your home. Our services are clear, concise and the value is compelling; our service to our clients is second to none.

Managed by a member of the National Association of Estate Agents, members of the Ombudsman for Estate Agents and regulated by the Office of Fair Trading, you can be assured that our standards are of the best..

Free online valuations

It’s not just the marketing of a property that has been revolutionised by the Internet; but the whole process which has been streamlined and more efficient. It is genuinely no longer necessary for an agent to visit your home to value it.  You know your property, we know your area – we will ask you to give us information about your home, the basics about how many bedrooms you have, how long you’ve been there, whether you’ve made improvements or extended, and the price you hope to achieve. We will look at comparables, speak to surveyors and other agents who have sold similar properties, check all this with our online tools and help you get to the best price to attract buyers and sell your home as quickly as possible.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

An EPC must be provided within 28 days of a property coming to market.  At HouseCloud, we have minimised the number of visits needed to get your property on the market; our Home Inspector  will do your EPC, professional photographs and floorplan in just one visit.

Property Details, Floorplans and Brochures

The person who will meet you at your property to carry out the EPC, will also take up to four professional photographs, measure and draw up an accurate floorplan, (essential to show people the size and layout of your property) and will give an overview of your home. The way properties are displayed these days has changed too; if you are looking for your new home online, you do not want to trail through endless paragraphs of how many telephone points or radiators a property has. You will ask yourself, “Is it where I want to live? Does the property appeal to me? How is it laid out? What price is it?” That’s enough to decide if someone wants a viewing – if they do, we’ll arrange one.


All our vendors need to have their identification verified by law for Anti Money Laundering regulations. We have arranged for this to be done electronically; you just need to provide a few basic details, such as address and date of birth and this dispenses with the former method requiring you to provide your passport/driving licence and utility bills details as proof of identity.

Contact us:

We are always available via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). E mail us with your query, and we’ll aim to reply within two hours between 7am and 10pm (we know how busy you are).


Our Conveyancers are just that – it’s all they do, which is why they aim to get the sale of your property through in the shortest possible time, with the minimum of fuss and for the best value the can. We search for quotes from our panel to find you the best deal – once they are instructed, you will be able to track progress online – so you’ll always know what progress has been made, whatever the time of day (or night).

housecloudlogo3So what is it we do?

  • Agree a value for your home with you
  • Organise your Energy Performance Certificate
  • Provide professional photographs
  • Provide a floorplan to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors standard,
  • Market your property through our network of websites
  • Give you an estimate of all your costs involved in moving
  • Find you a cost effective and efficient Conveyancer
  • Provide you with online tracking of your sale
  • Provide you with a Sellers Guide with tips and techniques on selling your home estate efficiently and transparently.
  • Be there from 7am – 10pm
  • Arrange all your viewings
  • Vet all your viewers and get their ID and their situation. Do they have a property to sell etc?
  • Qualify every offer with proof of funds, mortgage etc. (This substantially reduces the risk of the sale falling through).
  • Check all chain details with the other agents in the chain. How long, what position are they in etc.
  • Issue all the documentation to all parties including solicicitors/conveyancers once a sale has been agreed

Add on packages:

Actually, we don’t really believe in these – we think our marketing is as good as it gets. The only thing you might want to consider is a ‘For Sale’ board. Working on the basis that if someone asks about your property because they’ve seen a board outside you house, they already know where it is, what it is and what the area is like. If you’d like a board, we can arrange to have one delivered to you for you to erect wherever you think it would look best, at a cost of £55+VAT.

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